Andrew Jarvis
First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Alternate names AJ
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Ministry of Occultism

Andrew Jarvis, better known as AJ, is a character from 5 Days a Stranger. AJ is an agent of the Ministry of Occultism, a department branch dealing with paranormal activities.

Biography Edit


Little is known about AJ prior to the events of the game, besides the fact that he was sent by the Ministry of Occultism to investigate the strange occurrences surrounding DeFoe Manor. At the time, the mansion's history was not that well-known, and the Ministry dispatched him without knowing the threat that the spirit manipulating the house possessed. AJ was the first of five people to be trapped in DeFoe Manor. While a prisoner, he does not tell anyone about his occupation and remains a mystery to the other people trapped in the house. When the cat burglar Trilby, the last of the five to enter the house arrives, AJ is scared by his masked face and runs away. When Trilby is told to gather all five for a house meeting, he does not manage to find AJ, and they go on without him. The next day, Trilby notices a blurry shape at the bottom of the pool in the front yard. Draining the pool, he finds AJ's corpse chained to the bottom, his throat slashed by a giant knife-like weapon. Simone Taylor and Trilby recover his wallet, in which they find his many fake ID cards.

Trivia Edit

  • In supplemental information released as part of the Special Edition of 5 Days a Stranger, his murderer is revealed to be Philip Harty, acting under the influence of John DeFoe.
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