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Barry Chahal is the captain of the Mephistopheles. He is a main character in 7 Days A Skeptic, and is briefly

Barry Chahal
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First appearance 7 Days a Skeptic
Gender Male
Kindred Abed Chahal (ancestor)
Affiliation(s) Mephistopheles Crew

mentioned in 6 Days A Sacrifice, along with the rest of the crew

7 Days A Skeptic[]


Barry Chahal takes on the role of captain during the Mephistopheles's voyage through the Caracus Galaxy, his final mission before retiring.

When the ship encounters a foreign looking artefact in the middle of a deserted corner in space, he commands the crew to bring the artefact on board, despite the advice of higher command to leave the artefact to a better equipped ship. He does so, because he would like to be the one to make contact with extra terrestrials before he retires.

On Monday a machete is found jamming the ship's lift, the radio malfunctions, and Barry goes missing. Doctor Jonathan Somerset goes out in an EVA suit to check the radio masts for any debris that may be causing the malfunction. He is horrified to find the corpse of the ship's captain impaled on the masts.

The next day, when Somerset ventures back out to retrieve the body, it is nowhere to be found. When he heads back inside, Adam claims to have seen Barry alive, even though Somerset deems it impossible. As mysterious disappearances transpire within the ship, Somerset becomes targeted as a sufficient enough suspect by Angela to have him held in the brig on the lower deck. Failing to heed her captive's warning, Angela is suddenly murdered when the bloodied corpse of Barry walks in undetected and snaps her neck from behind.

A chase begins between Somerset and the empty husk that was once his captain. Wielding a towel rail, he manages to catch the vacant Barry off-guard, knocking over the safety railing of the Engine Deck and into the abyss below the ship's reactor. This is the last time Chahal is seen.

6 Days A Sacrifice[]

The guards mention that Malcolm seldom killed all of the Mephistopheles crew. This is the only time Barry is mentioned in the rest of the series.