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Minish Link Minish Link 5 April 2010


So we need like, a character button, a location button, game button, etc, right? Well, I can make them, but the only problem is, I can't do screencaps of the stuff in the games. Try it, it comes out all weird. So I'd need to take pictures off the internet in random places unless I can find out how to make screencaps of the games. I dunno if it's like, legal for me to take pictures from random places on the internet for the wiki and for buttons, so I need some help here.

-Minish Link 14:03, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

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Minish Link Minish Link 2 April 2010

The Only Reason I'm Writing This is to Alert AK and Xykeb of Something I Did That May Not be Allowed

Hey, so, I copied the item infobox page and tweaked it to suit this wiki from Zeldapedia. I don't know if this is allowed or not, but since we're the only active users here and we're from ZP, it should be, right? After all, the item infobox we had was like, some sort of Dungeons and Dragons kind of thing. And the character infobox we have here looks like ZP's character infobox, like you guys copied it, right? Right? I dunno, just tell me if that wasn't allowed here.

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