The Chzo Mythos series is a series of amateur adventure games made by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. It is a four-part series centered around the fulfillment of the prophecies of Chzo, a wicked pain elemental, and his attempt to create a Bridge between the two realms of Magick and Technology throughout many centuries. All entries in the series were programmed with Adventure Game Studio Originally, the series was known as the X Days a X series, and no mention was made of Chzo and his machinations in the first two entries in the series; indeed, he had not even been created at this point. When a decision was made to continue the series, Croshaw invented Chzo and managed to tie together the events of 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic with the events of Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice.

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