"The Clanbronwyn Hotel was in the island's centre, surrounded by forest."
— Trilby, Trilby's Notes


The front of the hotel as it appears normally.

The Clanbronwyn Hotel is located on Clanbronwyn Island and was to be the site of an antique fair featuring many artifacts related to the DeFoe Manor Incident.

Overview Edit

"The building was certainly well-maintained, and yet there was something about it that nagged at the back of my mind, quickening my pules."
— Trilby, Trilby's Notes

Trilby arrived at the hotel on the 28th of July, 1997, having caught a ferry from Porthllechog in Anglesey.

Built upon the very stump that was once the tree housing the soul of Cabadath, the entire facility became the ground of a large-scale paranormal occurrence during Trilby's visit, the special agent having tracked down his quarry: the wooden idol.

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