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"My grappling hook launcher, made to look like an umbrella."
— Trilby, upon examination

First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Found Obtained from start


The Grolly is Trilby's signature tool, a device of his own design. Within its umbrella exterior is a grappling hook, capable of carrying a full grown man, and a powerful taser. While the taser is only seen in Trilby: The Art of Theft, a departure from the Chzo Mythos series, Trilby makes use of the grappling hook to enter the DeFoe Manor at the start of 5 Days a Stranger and once more during said adventure to swing from the window of Sir Roderick DeFoe's bedroom to the window of son's bedroom.


  • The name "Grolly" comes from the combination of "grapple", the device's main function, and "brolly", British slang for umbrella.