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Janine is a character in Six Days A Sacrifice. She is a writer for an unnamed 'celebrity' magazine publication.

6 Days A Sacrifice[]

Janine, being a writer for a magazine, was interested in the Optimology religious group that several celebrities have joined. She decided to do some self-investigation of the complex. She then stumbled into the underground complex created by the Order of Blessed Agonies. She was thrown into the holding cell with scientist Samantha Harty.

After staying down in there, in the captivity of the cell, Janine and Samantha found a way to escape. During this time, Theodore Dacabe falls down the elevator shaft and enters the story.

She is killed when she enters DeFoe manor and is trapped between the walls. This leads Theo DaCabe to immense grieving, making him have the second Blessed Agony, the Soul.