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This article is about the character mentioned in 7 Days a Skeptic. For the protagonist, see Malcolm Somerset.
John Somerset
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First appearance 7 Days a Skeptic
Appears in 7 Days a Skeptic
6 Days a Sacrifice
Gender Male
Kindred Malcolm Somerset (son)

Jonathan Somerset is a character mentioned in 7 Days a Skeptic and 6 Days a Sacrifice.


Not much is known about Jonathan Somerset. He was a psychologist, he was sixty-five years old, and he attended the University of Ganymede. He was the father of Malcolm Somerset.

Later on, Malcolm failed his final exam to become a psychologist, and John called Malcolm to ask how it went. Malcolm, driven with jealousy that he did not have a job, and encouraged by the Caretaker (who is later revealed to be himself), pushed his father down the stairs, killing him. Before 7 Days a Skeptic he impersonated John to get a job on the Mephistopheles. At the end of 7 Days, it is revealed that Malcolm was an imposter.