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First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Appearances 5 Days a Stranger
7 Days a Skeptic
Trilby's Notes
6 Days a Sacrifice
Found (5 Days a Stranger)
Given by Jim Fowler
(7 Days a Skeptic)
Found in elevator shaft
(Trilby's Notes)
Trophy room
Use (5 Days a Stranger)
Combined with an apron strip, Welding Mask and salt to create "John DeFoe" detector; used to resurrect John DeFoe
(7 Days a Skeptic)
Pulled out of elevator to restore functionality
(6 Days a Sacrifice)
Combined with Welding Mask and Apron to form outfit

The Machete is a recurring item in the Chzo Mythos. It is the weapon wielded by John DeFoe. It was originally owned by Sir Roderick DeFoe, who used it in one of his expeditions.


5 Days a Stranger[]

It is first seen in the first of Trilby's nightmares, in which a mysterious man in a welding mask comes into the entrance hall, wielding the machete. The same night, Philip Harty, who is under possession of John DeFoe, uses the machete to kill AJ. Later, Trilby is also possessed, during which he murders Philip. When Jim is possessed, Trilby and Simone Taylor manage to knock him out. The next day, Trilby receives the machete as well as the Welding Mask and Apron from Jim. He uses it to track down the remains of Sir Roderick's other son, and again to summon his spirit into his human body in order to defeat him.

7 Days a Skeptic[]

On Monday, Johnathan orders a Continental Breakfast from the vending machine on the Residence Deck. Along with the breakfast, he obtains a packet of butter, which he uses to lubricate the machete, which is jammed into the elevator, preventing its functionality. He later presents the machete to his crewmates as evidence that captain Barry Chahal has been murdered. It is left on the tabletop computer on the Ops Deck for the rest of the game, until the vessel for John DeFoe has been completed, which he wields as he stalks Johnathan.

Trilby's Notes[]

The machete is seen on the wall of the kitchen during the Matthew DeFoe flashback sequence. Like the Welding Mask and Apron, it can be examined to reveal part of its origin and who it belongs to. It is also wielded when Trilby is temporarily transformed into John DeFoe during a hallucinatory sequence that occurs randomly. In yet another hallucinatory sequence, Trilby is in the DeFoe basement, and John DeFoe comes at Trilby with the machete.

6 Days a Sacrifice[]

The machete is found in the Trophy Room of the false DeFoe manor, in the spot where the rifle was found in 5 Days a Stranger. Theo must combine it with the apron and welding mask to form the outfit.