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Malcolm Somerset
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First appearance 7 Days a Skeptic
Appears in 7 Days a Skeptic
6 Days a Sacrifice
Alternate names The Caretaker
Jonathan Somerset
Gender Male
Kindred Jonathan Somerset (father)

— Malcolm Somerset, 7 Days a Skeptic

Malcolm Somerset is a recurring character in the Chzo Mythos series. He is the main protagonist of 7 Days a Skeptic.


7 Days a Skeptic[]


Impersonating his father, Malcolm Somerset signs on to the crew of the Mephistopheles as the ship's counselor.

From the start of the ship's voyage he is already tending to one of the small crew's members, Doctor William Taylor, for severe anxiety over his first post. The counselor reassures the young man that feeling such pressure is to be expected. After their counselling session, all hands are called up to the OPs deck for an unspecified meeting.

The captain, Barry Chahal, informs the crew that the ship's sensors have picked up a rectangular object constructed from a metallic alloy. Ignoring a recommendation from command to leave a beacon for a proper research ship, the captain orders the container grappled aboard. After the meeting, he briefly reminds Somerset that standard protocol states that the counselor be present in case of a first contact scenario.

6 Days a Sacrifice[]