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The Mephistopheles as it drifts through the Caracus Galaxy.

The Mephistopheles is a spaceship designed by NASA and serves as the location of 7 Days a Skeptic.


During exploration of the Caracus Galaxy, the vessel comes across a strange metal locker drifting in open space. After bringing the container on-board, the crew decide not to investigate it further when they read a plaque the indicates its contents to be human remains. However, the engineer, Adam, later opens the box and unknowingly releases the spirit of John DeFoe.


By modern standards, the scouting craft was outdated but recycled and refitted due to material shortages. The roughly modeled craft consisted of five sizable decks:

  • Observation Deck
  • OPs Deck
  • Communal Deck
  • Residence Deck
  • Engine Deck


Name Role
Barry Chahal Captain
Commander Angela Garrett First Officer
Ensign Serena Kyle Helmsman
Doctor William Taylor Physician
Doctor Jonathan Somerset Counsellor
Lieutenant Adam Gilkennie Engineer