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Owen Somerset
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First appearance Trilby's Notes
Alternate names the Guest
Gender Male
Kindred Malcolm Somerset (descendant)

Jonathan Somerset (descendant) Malcolm "Trilby" Somerset (descendant)

Owen Somerset appears in Trilby's Notes.



He first appears in a flashback set "somewhere in Wales" in the second half of Trilby's Notes. Briefly before it, Trilby sees a hallucination of the Welder, and speaks with Abed Chahal. Trilby then touches a piece of wood, throwing him into the memory.

Upon entering the inn the Unicorn (from which the shingle of wood was taken), Owen is told to leave by the Innkeeper, who believes there is a curse on the inn. Somerset insists on staying and the Innkeeper finally gives in on the notion that the guest take responsibility for his fate.

Early the next morning he is awoken by a piercing smell, smoke leaking through the floorboards. In the lobby he finds a fire blocking the inn's entrance. After smothering the fire out with his bedsheets he is startled to find the charred corpse of the innkeeper as the fire's fuel source. Seconds later the Tall Man appears from behind, bringing Somerset's untimely death after bringing the butt-end of his weapon down through the top of the man's head.


  • Yahtzee had originally planned to keep Owen alive with the idea that Somersets always live, but scrapped this later on.