Philip Harty
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First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Appears in 5 Days a Stranger
Trilby's Notes (mentioned)
6 Days a Sacrifice (mentioned)
Alternate names Philip
Mr. Harty
Gender Male
Kindred Samantha Harty (descendant)

Philip Harty is a character from 5 Days a Stranger. A treasure hunter, he is one of the five guests trapped in DeFoe Manor. He is an ancestor of Samantha Harty.

In 5 Days A Stranger, Philip is the first person that Trilby meets after entering DeFoe manor. He mentions all of the other people who have been trapped in the house. He also mentions that he has tried all of the doors and windows and none of them open. Philip then leaves the room, leaving Trilby alone. Later when you gather Jim and Simone, Philip is in the lounge sitting on the couch next to Simone. Trilby, asking questions of everyone, asks Philip to tell him about himself. Philip says that he is a treasure hunter, only taking what belongs to dead people, and that's what brought him to the house. No one else came with him though, and he says that no one would get suspicious until he's missing for months. He also gives Trilby an article about DeFoe manor.

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