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First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Found Trophy Room
Use Given to Simone on Day 5

The rifle is an item from 5 Days a Stranger. It is an old, heavy antique rifle that used to belong to Sir Roderick DeFoe. It is found in the trophy room of DeFoe Manor. The rifle can be picked up; however, due to its weight, it cannot be carried around, like most regular items. At the climax of the game, Trilby asks Simone Taylor to hold on to the rifle as he attempts to summon the spirit of Roderick's son into its human body; during the ceremony, due to holding the rifle, Simone is possessed by the spirit of Sir Roderick, and the night on which he attempted to murder his son is re-enacted. Through Simone, Roderick fires the rifle at the resurrected wraith, destroying the Body of John DeFoe.

Interestingly, in 6 Days a Sacrifice, in the DeFoe Manor replica inside of John DeFoe's Mind, the machete is found where the rifle was found in 5 Days a Stranger, hanging on the mantelpiece in the trophy room.