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Samantha Harty
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First appearance 6 Days a Sacrifice
Alternate names Samantha
Gender Female
Kindred Philip Harty (ancestor)

Samantha Harty is a character from 6 Days a Sacrifice. ==

6 Days a Sacrafice==

Samantha is a descendant of Philip Harty, a victim of the Defoe Manor incident. She is first seen in The Complex's medical room chatting to a Trilby Clone. She saved Dacabes life by setting his neck before he regained consciousness, after he fell down the elevator shaft. Her occupation seemed to be a biochemist, specialized in cloning (Trilby).

She works together with fellow captives Theodore DaCabe and Janine to escape from their underground prison. She is later attacked off screen, presumably by John DeFoe, before bleeding out in front of the others.