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"Oh, man... I wish I had a camera right now..."
— Simone Taylor to Trilby, 5 Days a Stranger

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First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Appears in 5 Days a Stranger
Trilby's Notes
Alternate names Ms. Taylor
Gender Female
Kindred William Taylor (descendant)

Simone Taylor is a recurring character from the Chzo Mythos series. A newscaster for BBC, she is one of the five guests trapped in DeFoe Manor. She appeared in 5 Days a Stranger and Trilby's Notes.


5 Days a Stranger[]


Simone Taylor, a 32-year-old newsreader and correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation, was trapped inside DeFoe Manor when she ventured inside to investigate before the arrival of her camera crew. She would prove a valuable ally in the eventual destruction of John DeFoe's (the welder) body.

She and James Fowler manage to escape the manor before its rapid demise at the wrath of an out-of-control fire. Though Trilby also made it out with his life, he escapes out of sight to avoid a confrontation with the police, leaving Jim and Simone to assume the worst during their hectic escape.

Trilby's Notes[]

Before Trilby sets off to track down the wooden idol, he decides a visit with Simone was long overdue, the poor woman having fallen from stardom in a slurry of alcohol and depression. After receiving no response at her apartment door, Trilby picks the lock open, only to find the woman's lifeless corpse splayed out in the darkness. He calls a futile ambulance before taking off.