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Sir Clarence DeFoe
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First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Gender Male
Kindred Julia Swanson-DeFoe (wife)

Sir Roderick DeFoe (ancestor)
Matthew DeFoe (ancestor)
John DeFoe (ancestor)

Sir Clarence DeFoe was a very minor character mentioned in 5 Days a Stranger.

His body was found by police, hanging from a tree in the manor's front yard. His wife, Julia Swanson-DeFoe, was also found dead, presumed by the police to be a victim in the 24-year-old man's murder-suicide, though his solicitor, Michael Cheasham, claimed otherwise. The couple seemed to be very happy and were about to get married. Clarence was the last of the DeFoe family line.

It is very likely Clarence and Julia were victims of John DeFoe endless thirst for blood.