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Sir Roderick DeFoe
Sir Roderick, lounging on the night of his death.
First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Appears in 5 Days a Stranger
Trilby's Notes
6 Days a Sacrifice
Gender Male
Kindred Belinda DeFoe (wife)
Matthew DeFoe (son)
John DeFoe (son)
Sir Clarence DeFoe (descendant)
Julia Swanson-DeFoe (descendant)

Sir Roderick DeFoe is a recurring character in the Chzo Mythos series. Though he died prior to the events of the series, he is often seen in flashbacks.


5 Days a Stranger[]


During Trilby's examination of the DeFoe Manor, he discovers diary entries telling that Roderick fathered a second previously unknown son, a twin to Matthew.

Unfortunately, this second birth would prove too great for Roderick's wife, Belinda, taking her life in the process. He would blame the misshapen child for his wife's death for the rest of his days, keeping the boy shackled in a cellar beneath the manor's kitchen.

The skeletal remains of himself and his son Matthew are uncovered in the walled-off cellar, eventually leading to the neglected child's skeleton under the tiles of the upstairs bathroom, revealing a dark past where Roderick beat his deformed son to the brink of death before the child retaliated, killing both Roderick and Matthew. He would not wander far before dying of his wounds.

An echo of Roderick's last words are heard through the possession of Simone Taylor during a ritual started by Trilby that would destroy the welder's body once and for all.

Trilby's Notes[]

Sir Roderick is seen alive for the first time in a flashback that took place moments before and up to his beating of his younger child. On the night of July 28th, 1821, Roderick is meeting with an appraiser in his trophy room to examine a strange wooden idol of African craft he discovered during one of his expeditions. He eventually throws a fit and kicks the man out of the residence when the authenticity of the idol is questioned.

Sir Roderick confronting the deformed child for the last time.

When he finds out that Matthew had slipped a painting he had been working on under the door to the cellar for the imprisoned child to view, he becomes outwardly deadpan while he seethes internally. He instructs Matthew to leave him so that he may write his diary entry.

Matthew later comes upon his father beating the crippled child in the cellar with the wooden idol, yelling for the man to stop before the flashback returns to the present day.

6 Days a Sacrifice[]