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The lobby of the Unicorn.

The Unicorn was an inn located in Wales. It was constructed from wood from the same tree that harbored Cabadath's soul.

On July 28, 1581 Owen Somerset arrived at the inn. He was travelling from Ceredigion to London, when he was caught by surprise by an unusually strong summer storm.

As he enters the inn and enquires for a room, the Innkeeper tells him to leave and never return. He tells the tale of a curse that lies upon the inn and how it took his father life the previous year just as he knows it will take his own. Owen doesn't believe him, and after quite a bit of arguing, Owen is allowed to rent a room for the night, his fate being of his own insistence.

Early the next morning he is awoken by a piercing smell, smoke leaking through the floorboards. In the lobby he finds a fire blocking the inn's entrance. After smothering the fire out with his bedsheets he is startled to find the charred corpse of the innkeeper as the fire's fuel source. Seconds later the Tall Man appears from behind, bringing Somerset's untimely death after bringing the butt-end of his weapon down through the top of the man's head.