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Welding Mask
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First appearance 5 Days a Stranger
Appearances 5 Days a Stranger
7 Days a Skeptic
Trilby's Notes
6 Days a Sacrifice
Found Talk to Jim Fowler(5 Days)
Seen on the Welder(7 Days)
Seen in Matthew DeFoe flashback and randomly occurring hallucinations(Notes)
Matthew's Bedroom(6 Days)
Use Use with machete, apron strip and salt to form John DeFoe indicator, put on John DeFoe (5 Days)
Combine with machete and apron to form outfit (6 Days)

The Welding Mask is a recurring item in the Chzo Mythos. It is infamously known as the wraith John DeFoe's helmet. It once belonged to the gardener of DeFoe Manor during it's ownership by Roderick DeFoe. The only games in which it is obtainable are 5 Days a Stranger and 6 Days a Sacrifice.


5 Days a Stranger[]

The welding mask is first seen in Trilby's nightmare, in which Trilby walks into the entrance hall of DeFoe Manor and finds everyone dead. A mysterious man in a welding mask walks into the room, and when he takes off the welding mask, his face is revealed to be Trilby's.

7 Days a Skeptic[]

Trilby's Notes[]

6 Days a Sacrifice[]