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William Taylor
First appearance 7 Days a Skeptic
Alternate names Dr. Taylor
Gender Male
Kindred Simone Taylor (ancestor)

William Taylor is a character from 7 Days a Skeptic.

Personality and Character[]


Doctor William Taylor works as the active physician on the scouting ship Mephistopheles. As it is his first posting he visits with the ship's counselor, Jonathan Somerset, to help deal with his anxiety. At some point after the release of John DeFoe's spirit, William comes under the wraith's influence, secretly stitching together a Frankenstein's monster-esque body out of the mutilated corpses of his fallen crew mates, hidden in the solitude of his room.

Dr. Taylor yields to his wounds.

He manages to trap Dr. Somerset in the med-bay to retrieve necessary body parts before the counselor manages to stab the possessed physician in the leg with a scalpel and escape. William is later found by Somerset, his eyes having been taken by John DeFoe and a fatal stab wound rendered through his abdomen. The regretful doctor dies moments later, forgiven by the understanding Somerset.